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How To STOP Emotional Eating and change your relationship with food

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  • You will discover the ‘WHY’ behind binge eating. You will learn the underlying cause of eating disorders, so you can make the connections for yourself.

  • This book will challenge you to start looking at your relationship with food differently. Our book will help you understand what triggers you when binge eating.

  • You’ll learn how to differentiate between different types of hunger. Our advice will leave you feeling empowered by eliminating the triggers and replacing them with healthy habits.

  • You’ll leave the awful feeling of binge eating in secrecy. You’ll build new skills on how to release your emotions that hold you back in a safe and healthy way.

  • Following our approach will help you feel more in control of your body and mind. You will be confident helping your body cope with stress without using food as a crutch. You will no longer punish yourself with overindulging then starving yourself.

  • You will gain a new perspective on the bad cycles of dieting. Our book will help you develop strategies to manage cravings with certainty.

  • Our book will leave you energised and optimistic about the new and improved you. You will learn how to accept yourself and focus on long-term success with your new happier and healthier lifestyle.

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