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Binge Eating Quiz. Discover your triggers For secret eating or binge eating. you can break free and Find Balance At Last!

Are you hiding a secret? A secret that fills you with shame and dread?

Does your relationship with food feel like something you need to hide?

Do you continuously sabotage yourself then eat your emotions away?

We want to help you break the eating habits behind your secret eating and throw away the rulebook that is hindering rather than helping you.

"...I came to see Karyn and had such a successful result. An amazing experience. My relationship with food has changed for the better. I highly recommend Karyn.

Beatrice Finn

In this FREE quiz you will discover the triggers and impulses that cause you to secretly eat or binge. 

Are you eating when you’re not hungry, or eating alone in secret? Are you bingeing on food or other substances when feeling sad or depressed? Are you always on diets restricting food only to give up when temptation gets too hard?

Learn how to identify your eating habits, the triggers and the emotional sabotage. Understand your relationship with food, so you can take charge and turn your life around.

Is Binge eating secretly sabotaging your life? 

Are you planning your day and events around your need to binge? Do you feel guilty and shameful afterwards, ready to purge yourself just to make this go away?

Does your relationship with food feel like a dirty little secret? 

Are you hiding the evidence and how much or what you eat? Do you avoid others at mealtimes or lie to make yourself (and others) feel better?

Is it really an emotional hunger? Is your body actually hungry or is that your heart and soul craving a nourishment that food can never fill? Do you rely on food for love and acceptance? 


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Hi I'm Karyn de Mol

For a long time, I had a secret. A secret that I finally felt comfortable to share...

My ‘secret’ was my toxic relationship with food and confidence in myself.

I lived through a tumultuous battle with binge eating and weight. I understand the depth required to take charge.

Food! We can’t live without it! We have to eat every day in order to live, but, and here’s the kicker, if you have an ‘unhealthy’ relationship with food – you often lose sight of what is ‘normal’.

Let me help you?

Here Is What To Do Next :

The time to act is now. Take the first step now and complete our free Quiz to better understand your relationship with food and what it says about you.

You deserve to be free of the rules that you have created for yourself around food. There is a way to be healthy and happy and get the balance back into your relationship with food. It is of course necessary to nourish our body but we can't neglect our emotional and mental health.

And just think, instead of spending years and hundreds more hours desperately trying every fad diet just to fail and binge your sorrow, you can finally crack your unhealthy relationship with food and start a new chapter in your life!

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Get your results delivered straight to your inbox

 Privacy Policy: Your Information is 100% Secure.

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